THE PROBLEM: Over the past few years there has been a persistent shortfall of interscholastic and youth sports referees.  Rowdy parents, coaches and players have created a toxic environment that has driven referees away and hampered the recruitment of new ones. The pandemic only made things worse: the cancellation of games and entire seasons over the last two years hastened an exodus of older officials who decided that they didn’t want the low pay, angry shouting — or potential infection.


THE ANSWER: Veterans miss being part of a team, having a mission, a goal.  Plus, they have discipline, the ability to concentrate, and the lack of fear. That’s exactly the type of person that makes an excellent referee.  ‘Vets As Refs’ helps veterans by supporting them financially as they go through the FHSAA certification process.  As the Veteran successfully completes each stage of the certification process, they will be reimbursed the cost of that completed stage. The average cost ranges from $330 to $660 per person depending on the number and types of sports chosen.

Each state has its respective application procedures, tests, and fees. Here is a listing & links to all the state high school associations.   For the Florida application process and our scholarship application click Vets as Refs scholarship application.





You can utilize Option 'A', 'B' or 'C' to determine the 10 lbs of what you will carry.

Click on the chart above to see the info in the gray cells in Option 'A'.  The links provided shows the type of item the Ukrainians need and a SUGGESTED price.  You do not have to purchase it from  any indicated vendor. 



To utilize the items you will carry, complete this form and turn it in with the 'stuff' you will be carrying on November 10th.

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