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  • 7% of the U.S. population have taken the oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution by actively putting their lives on the line: 

    • 0.5% are in the Military either on Active Duty, National Guard, or Reserves.

    • 5.5% are Veterans.

    • 1.0% are veteran First Responders.

  • 0f the remaining 93.0%, 81.0% have never taken that oath.  The 12.0% that have, are either naturalized citizens, government civilian employees, and officials.​



  • There is a gap between the Military, Veterans, and the veteran 1st Responder communities. Those who have taken that oath and put their lives in danger to support and defend the U.S. Constitution versus those who haven't is increasing.​

  • The other is the ongoing exodus of youth and interscholastic sports officials.



The mission of The Project Courage Foundation (a Florida-based 501c3) is to bridge that gap while minimizing the exodus of interscholastic and youth referees through its 'Vets As Refs' program.



Having Veterans and veteran 1st Responders as interscholastic referees can help to bridge the gap between the civilian community and the Military and the veteran 1st Responder communities. This can help to build understanding and appreciation for the sacrifices that Veterans and 1st Responders make on our behalf.

  • They are trained to handle high-pressure situations.

  • They have a strong sense of discipline and responsibility. 

  • They are role models for young people. 

  • They can teach young athletes about the importance of teamwork and cooperation. 

  • They can help to create a positive and safe environment for young athletes. 

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