Friday, May 19th, 2017

09:00 to 12:00

Ed White Military Academy of Leadership, Jacksonville, FL


Veterans, service members soon to be discharged and members of the

National Guard and Reserves who are eligible for  Post 911 GI Bill, VocRehab

(chapter 31) and  Montgomery GI Bill.

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  1. 40 yd Dash - Athlete will start in the traditional three-point stance and the timing starts on his movement and stops once his waist crosses the 40-yard marker.

  2. Bench Press - Athletes will bench press 135 pounds (if the service member weighs 150 lbs or less) or 185 pounds (if the service member weighs 150+lbs) with correct form, as many times as possible by using a traditional bench press technique. The official count will be recorded. Athletes will be docked if they are counted for not locking out, bouncing the weight off the chest and moving their buttock from the bench.

  3. Standing Broad Jump - Athletes are required to jump forward from a standing position off both feet with the measurement taken from the back of the heel. Two jumps will be taken and recorded; the better of the two (2) scores will be recorded.

  4. Vertical Jump - Each athlete will attempt two jumps using the Vertex apparatus. Both scores will be recorded and the better of the two (2) scores recorded.

  5. L - Drill -

  6. Pro Agility Drill - 

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